Should I Live in the San Fernando Valley?

It’s a common question that many of us, both LA natives and those from out of town, ask. When moving to Los Angeles, one must decide – should I live in the San Fernando Valley? Perhaps you have heard that it is “too hot”, or maybe “too suburban” – however, the Valley (as locals like to say), is quite possibly the best bet for those searching for a pleasant and family-friendly place to call home. Not to mention – it is convenient and relatively affordable!

Living in the San Fernando Valley is as idyllic as you’d imagine. From its tree-lined streets and sprawling parks, to its top-rated schools and plethora of businesses, it’s no wonder why home buyers continue to invest in the region. Every type of housing – whether it be a quaint apartment, a newly-built single family home, or a vintage estate – is found in the Valley.

Where is the Best Place to Live in the San Fernando Valley?

Home to 1.8 million people and nearly 260 square miles, choosing the best place to live in the San Fernando Valley may prove to be a difficult task. Most of the Valley is actually to be considered within the jurisdiction of the city of Los Angeles, however, a few select communities are independent. To the west, Calabasas is considered a separate city, as are both Burbank and Glendale further east.

Many of those wishing to live in the San Fernando Valley choose to reside in Sherman Oaks, which offers a great deal of quality apartment buildings, shopping, and dining. Others may choose North Hollywood, or Studio City – both of which have plenty to offer. From Encino to Northridge, choosing a place to reside is best determined by your values and desires. For help along the way, contact Phillip Nastasiyour San Fernando Valley real estate expert.

To search San Fernando Valley real estate, use the map-based property search provided below.

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