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Barbara P.
5.0 Star Rating – Yelp Review
November 28, 2017

I first formally met Philip Nastasi in October of last year. But my husband Larry had many conversations with him before then. Our house was on Encino and when the door was open in my hubby’s ‘Man Cave’ (the garage), Phil would stop by and just visit and chat with him.
Last fall Larry & I had started to discuss the market changing and moving somewhere else smaller, and to be honest cheaper than California, since we were both on a fixed income. We had lived in Northridge since 1995 and our home was great as our kids were growing up and then having kids of their own, but eventually we realized we were not using half of the house anymore. Kids and grandkids had grown up and we needed a smaller home just for us and our fur babies.
Larry talked to me about Phil stopping by a few times throughout the years and he had said when the time comes, he would like to consider Phil as our realtor. He explained he felt he was very ethical, knowledgeable, not pushy, and just a very down to earth guy. So, in October of 2016 we had a sit down with Phil and I liked him immediately. He was very thorough, answered every question we had (and we had a lot), especially since we already had a terrible experience with a realtor several years ago. We both felt comfortable and we advised Phil we would readdress this in the beginning of the year.
Phil kept in touch with Larry just to catch up and visit. I proceeded to travel to Florida where our daughter lived and where we had agreed we would plan to focus on homes and to make our new journey in life.
We had decided at the beginning of 2017 to consider making our listing official. We talked to Phil several times in between tried to get things ready before listing officially. He was there every step of the way. Unfortunately, as things progressed my husband started to show signs of severe illness. So, I postponed listing our home to focus on Larry. Unfortunately, Larry passed away in April. After dealing with this, I contacted Phil to let him know I indeed was ready to list our home for sale. He came over immediately and was very consoling and held my hand all the way. There were several things that needed to be completed in the house to pass inspection, outside electrical issues, repainting, completing garage, finding estate sale referrals, updating smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, termite inspection and repairs. And the list goes on… Phil connected me with terrific and reasonable licensed contractors to help me get these repairs done. He also picked up the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and installed them himself!
He continued to follow up daily on how progress was, and what else to do. He listed quickly, and I even met his wonderful wife, Anne who is just as terrific as Phil is. The end result was because of this man helping me to stay focused during the most difficult time in my life, my house sold, and I also have two terrific new friends.
Philip Nastasi Jr. is not just a real estate agent, he goes over and above to ensure everything is completed and he walks through every inspection, including during appraisal. If you are ever looking for someone who goes above and beyond to make selling your home easier, I highly recommend Phil. There is no one out there in Southern California better! Thank you, Phil