Bruce and Trudy Epstein Letter of Recommendation


October 25, 2013

Dear Phil,

As I sit here this evening, exhausted from lining all of the kitchen and bathroom shelves of my new home, I am reminded that we have in fact found “just the perfect home,” thanks to you. I figure that this is so, that it is the perfect home, because it only took us two years to find this house, the one that fits our needs, and we are thankful to you for having stuck by us and guided us the entire time.

Before meeting you, we met a number of real estate agents at their open houses but Philip you were the only one that promised to call us and then actually did so. Your follow-up was immediate and professional and you tirelessly maintained that level of commitment the entire two years. Most of all, Philip, you helped us keep on a steady course the entire time. When we got frustrated that we hadn’t found “our” home after so much time, you were reassuring and skillfully steered us around the pitfalls of settling for a home that really didn’t meet our needs. In the middle of a turbulent real estate market, one that garnered multiple offers on every home, many of them cash offers that we could not compete with; you kept us moving forward without regrets of the homes that passed us by.

What is amazing to me is that you’re so knowledgeable and you work with the utmost integrity and honesty, not to mention energy….lots of energy! You cautioned us about streets that were too noisy or busy, houses that would require a lot more time, energy, and money to repair, which in the end has saved us money. You exemplify all that is positive about being a professional real estate agent while keeping your client’s best interest at the forefront, and for that we thank you so very much.

I offer my heartfelt thanks and highest regards to you. So please, continue to answer your phone with “Hello, this is Phil with Rodeo,” as I will never again answer back, “Hello, this is me without a house!”


Trudy Z. Epstein, OTR/L, HPCS