Fredi Brown Letter of Recommendation


Dear Manager of Rodeo Realty,

I want to tell you about a wonderful real estate agent you have, Philip Nastasi. The summer of 2011, I contacted Philip right after I sold my house in Yuma, and moved temporarily into an apartment there. I told him I was planning on coming to Northridge at the end of July 2012, and Iwas interested in condos. We kept in touch during the year, and Philip sent me the latest condos up for sale on your website. Then I changed my mind and was interested in mobile homes. I arrived July 27′”, and Philip showed me the mobile homes available in the Northridge Mobile Home Park. Iwas here for two weeks, and by the time
I came home, I had bought a mobile home.

Philip worked quickly and diligently to get the whole process going smoothly. He came out to Canoga Park and picked me up to bring me to your office, or the bank, or whatever else was required. He followed the process through to the end even after I arrived and moved in. He was wonderful. He answered all my questions and was a big help with all things connected with real estate.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone else that would be interested in buying real estate in the San Fernando Valley.


Fredi Brown